Plus: The latest book reviews at Goodreads, and a look ahead to the interesting titles I'll be reviewing soon
Plus, 10 pieces of practical advice I've now learned about writing romance novels; and links to all the romance reviews I've recently been writing
Plus: A look at the surprising 150-year history of the idiom "ain't no such thing as a free lunch;" and the usual reviews and questions from ESL…
Plus: The One Self-Publishing Marketing Plan to Rule Them All; and reviews of "Three Thousand Years of Longing," Horatio Hornblower and more
Plus: The Great Indie Debate—Small Press vs. Self-Publishing; and the latest book reviews and Reddit ESL questions
Freelancer advice instead of writing advice today, on how to start making serious money with just a $150 Chromebook and $15 a month to Upwork
Plus: As always, interesting and funny questions I'm answering for English as a Second Language students over at Reddit
Plus, reviews of "Nightbitch," "The Electric State" and more; plus interesting questions from English as a Second Language Redditors and a special…
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